Register top-level domains on the Handshake blockchain

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Namebase exchange

Buy/sell Handshake Coins (HNS)

Use Namebase to buy and sell HNS coins. We've created an ultra-secure and easy to use wallet to help you manage your HNS holdings.

Decentralized DNS will enable a new era of uncensorable apps, and Namebase aims to be the easiest place to get one.
Eric Meltzer,
Namebase is an easy and safe way to claim your name on the Handshake blockchain.
Dovey Wan,
Danhua Capital
Namebase is the bridge for Handshake to reach its potential. Decentralized names are critical for the success of the decentralized web.
Dan Elitzer,

Namebase registrar

Get a top-level domain

Bid on and register Handshake top-level domains (TLDs). Namebase sits on top of the blockchain to make Handshake easy to use for everyone.

Use your top-level domain

Namebase lets you manage your DNS settings, auto-renews for you, and even lets you sell subdomains so you can make money while you sleep.

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